July 19, 2016

IMI Bands

ROCK BAND:  Learn to Rock out to your favorite Rock, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock songs and more!!  Work with a real, working band, then hit the stage at one of our many Rock Band shows throughout the year!  

Junior Rock Band:  it’s time to put down the Twinkle, Twinkle and get ready to ROCK!  IMI’s brand new Junior Rock Band gives younger students the outlet to step up their playing and jam with a band!  Designed as a bridge to our acclaimed Rock Band, the Junior Rock Band is focused on learning the tools to play with the big boys!   

Pizza and Blues:  Want to work on your chops?  Come join the crew Wednesday nights for some Hot Blues served with a slice of pizza pie and then hit the stage with the band at one of our many shows throughout the year!  

Girl Band:  Girls Rock and we have the proof!  Come learn and play Pop hits of today and yesterday with our hugely successful Girls Band and perform regular shows in the community.  This group highly encourages singers to perform and lead the band.  

Everything Beatles:  The name says it all!  Come learn, play and perform the classics from the Fab Four!  This band encourages any student of any instrument to join Sgt. Pepper on the Yellow Submarine of fun and get a history lesson in great music!  Needless to say the Everything Beatles shows are so great and so much fun!

IMI Youth Orchestra:  At IMI we strive to teach many styles of music and we love all of them!  Our Youth Orchestra aims to combine many styles and elements of music through music theory, notation, chords etc, all in one one fun HUGE group package!  Travel through time, learning and performing the most important compositions throughout music’s rich history and meet new friends!

Dads BandIt’s no surprise that a lot of our students are school aged kids.  But that doesn’t mean we don’t teach adults too!  “Dad’s Band” has been a smashing success, as we have brought together many adults looking to restart the flame and hit the stage- like literally!  Come join the band and learn and perform classic rock and Americana tunes from the Golden Years of Rock and Roll.  This has been a huge IMI studio hit, inspiring some of our adult students to form the band “Warped Vinyl” and perform regularly around town.  Come join in on the fun and make some great new friends, while holding you’re day job!